Beginners flow - 90 min Workshop 

When:  Saturday, November 16, 2019

Where:  BRV Yoga Studio

Time:  2-330pm

investment: $25

Instructor:  Sharyn 

New to Yoga?  Not sure if you want to commit to one of our 4 week Beginner Series.  Come try this Beginners Flow workshop.  It doesn't require a weekly commitment. This workshop is 90 minutes of integrative beginners yoga.  It will teach you the basics of some of the most common postures. We fear what we don't understand, and after this workshop, the fear will dissipate.  You will have a better understanding of yoga and your body in these poses. This stuff isn't easy, but it has lots of great benefits for the mind & body.  It’s about showing up, and giving it a try. We'll be listening to great music and do a beginners flow. We will discuss the benefits of yoga and why you should continue a yoga practice.  We will also discuss the 4 week beginner series that BRV Yoga offers.  You will leave feeling empowered and excited for more, I promise :)

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