BRV Etiquette

Studio Guidelines


1. Pre-Register for class.

Please pre-register for classes that you plan to attend as there is limited space within each yoga room. If you ‘drop in’ for a class, the best effort will be made to accommodate you, but can not be guaranteed if the class has already filled via pre-registration. If you register for a class and are unable to make it, you must de-register to retain your class credit. If you do not de-register for a class and do not show up, a class credit will be deducted from your class card. If you have issues or difficulty registering/deregistering via please email text, or call 610-952-6795. 


2. Arrive 10 minutes prior to start of classes and workshops.

Out of respect for our teachers and students we start and end our classes on time. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to LEGIBLY sign in (first and last name), complete any paperwork or payments, and use the restroom. For student and staff safety, the studio doors will be locked at the start of each class. Please do not bang on the doors or windows as there will be no admittance to the studio after the doors have been locked and class has begun. 


3. The yoga rooms are a quiet safe space.

Please respect your fellow students and allow the yoga rooms to be a quiet safe space prior to classes beginning. By observing silence in our practice areas we create space for all students to arrive, stretch, meditate and prepare for their practice. Students wishing to socialize before class may chat quietly in the lobby/lounge area. 


4.  The yoga studio is a sacred safe space for Everyone.  

The yoga studio is a sacred safe space for Everyone. 

Please honor and respect your fellow yogis at the studio. BRV is a safe space for all ages, races, nationalities, religions, genders, and political views. Please refrain from discussing religion or politics in all common spaces of the studio such as the hallways, bathrooms, gift shop, lounge, and lobby before and after class. 


5. No shoes or cell phones in the yoga rooms.

Please leave your shoes by the door in the trays provided as you enter the studio.  Turn off all cell phones and electronic devices. This includes turning off the sound and vibrate functions. Please leave personal items in the cubbies located outside of the class rooms. Phones left in the hallway cubbies should also be turned off.


6. Honor and Care for studio props and resources.

Please return all props carefully to the shelves and racks. All blankets should be folded neatly and stacked on their shelf. Straps can be wrapped and placed in the basket or hung on the wall rack. Blocks and bolsters should be neatly stacked on the shelves. In yoga we practice saucha or purity/cleanliness. Caring for the props and yoga rooms is just as important to our yoga practice as asana (physical movement) and pranayama (breath).


7. Be Mindful of Classes in Session

We have the luxury of 2 beautiful practice spaces at BRV. This means that classes can be happening at anytime. We ask that you are mindful of your volume in all common spaces of the studio such as the hallways, bathrooms, gift shop, lounge, and lobby before and after class. 


8. Acknowledge your limitations.

If you are not feeling well during class, take a moment to lie quietly on your mat or rest in childs pose. You may leave the yoga rooms at anytime during classes to rest in the lounge, use the restroom, have a drink of water, and tend to your personal needs. The studio is locked during class so we ask that you do not leave the studio until the conclusion of class unless it is a medical emergency. Chair yoga is recommended to those wishing to practice yoga but who are unable to get up and down from the floor without assistance.


9. Be Mindful of upcoming classes

Please be mindful to exit the yoga rooms in a timely manner at the end of class. Classes run back to back and it is out of respect to the next teacher and students that the room is available for them to prepare for practice. 


10. Class Cards and Packages.

Class Cards are subject to expiration. Unused classes are not eligible to be carried over after the card has expired.  


Single Drop In - valid for 30 days from date of purchase

5 Class Card - valid for 90 days  from date of purchase

10 Class Card- valid for 90days from date of purchase

20 Class Card- valid for 90 days from date of purchase

Specialty Class Cards- valid for 31 days from date of purchase

Workshop Credits - Valid until day of program - credits to are not transferrable 

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