Hello Everyone, 
I hope this email finds you and your family happy and healthy. I have missed seeing each of you at the studio and can't wait to see you again. I hope that you have continued your yoga practice with our free online Zoom classes or the free BRV Yoga YouTube classes. 

As you know, Chester County is allowed to go GREEN on Friday, June 26th. This means that the studio can reopen. Reopening is going to be a slow process. I will begin to open with a few classes starting the week of June 29th. Then gradually begin to offer more classes as we continue to move through this opening process. 

There will be different procedures going forward that must be followed to be able to practice in the studio.  
1. Please stay home if you are showing any symptoms of being sick. 
2. Masks are required to enter the studio. 
3. There is as limit to the amount students that are allowed to take a class. That number is 10. That gives each person plenty of space (6 ft) to social distance. There will be markers as to where you can place your mats. Doors to the large studio will remain open during class to help with the air flow through out the studio. We will continue to evaluate this as we move through the next couple of months. 
4. You MUST PREREGISTER for all classes. Drop-ins are not allowed. The teacher must know who and how many people will be in the class. If you can not attend, you must CANCEL your registration at least 2 hours before the class starts. If you do not cancel, you will be charged for the class. Remember there is limited space and if you don't show up you are taking up a space that someone could have. Your class card must have classes to preregister. All classes are paid for as you sign up for the class. 
5. Contactless payment on line. The teacher will sign you into the class. You will not need to use the sign in sheets.  
6. As you enter the studio, there will be social distance markers. You will find hand sanitizer for your use. You will also have your temperature scanned as you enter into the studio. Please keep your mask on until you place your mat in the large studio on one of the pre-marked spaces. Once you are set up if you wish you can then remove your mask. I ask that you remain on your mat until class is started. At the end of class, replace your mask and exit the building using social distancing. 
7. There will be hand sanitizer at the doorway when you come into the studio that you can use upon entering and exiting the building.  
8. The bathrooms will be open for you use.  
9. I ask that you do not leave your items in the cubbies. If you have items in the cubbies, I ask that you pick up your mat and items. Please take your mat home daily. 
10. There will only be 1 class at a time and that will be in the Large Studio. No classes will be held in the small studio except for privates.  
11. All CURRENT class cards will EXPIRE on Sept. 30, 2020. That is 90 days from the date that the studio will reopen. There are no refunds on class cards.  
12. All new Class cards & Zoom cards will expire 90 days from the date of purchase. Again, there are no refunds on class card or Zoom class card purchases. 
13. Class Cards are remaining at the same price. Please remember that class cards & Zoom class cards expire 90 days from the date of purchase and there are no refunds.  
1 class- $18 
5 pack -$85 
10 pack-$155 
20 pack_$300 
Zoom Packs:  
1 class- $10 
5 pack-$50 
10 pack $100 
14. There will be no use of studio props: blankets, straps, blocks, bolsters or mats. You must provide your own props at this time. We will continue to evaluate this as we move through the next couple of months 
15. Water cooler will not be in use. Please bring your water.  
16. I am looking to continue the zoom classes along with the live classes. Not all classes will be offered via Zoom. If you wish to take the live zoom class, you will register under for the VIRTUAL class. This will let me send you the link to the class so you can log in and join the live class. Please register 45 min prior to the start of class so that you can receive the email link. I will send out the link 30 min prior to the start of class. If you don't receive, please email asap so we can figure out what happened. sometimes the links go into your spam account so please check there as well.  
17. Live VIRTUAL Zoom classes will no longer be free. Live VIRTUAL Zoom classes will be will have their own pricing schedule (see #13) Not all classes will be live on Zoom. Approximately 4-5 classes per week.  
18. Please make sure that you sign up for the correct class. There will be 2 listed classes for the each class. For Example, Gentle Yoga & Virtual Gentle Yoga. If you are coming to the studio, you register for the Gentle Yoga. If you are taking the live Zoom class, you register for the Virtual Gentle Yoga.  
19. Schedule will be posted on Friday, June 26th for the classes that will begin the week of June 29th. Depending on the attendance more classes will be added as we continue to move through the reopening process.  
20. If you wish to schedule private sessions please reach out by phone, text or email. 

I am looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you back in the studio. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via phone, text or email. 

BRV Yoga Studio 

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